Karen Dennison

  • Redondo Beach, California

Quilting Professor - Offering Online Quilting Classes – SEO and Keyword Consultant (how weird, huh?)

If you ask me what I do, I will tell you that I teach quilting, www.onlinequiltingclasses.com. But a funny thing happened on the way to becoming an international name in the online quilting industry – I learned a lot about keywords and SEO.

I figured out how to get better rankings, better Adwords results and much better email open rates because I didn’t know what I should expect.

And as I talked about my numbers, more and more in the marketing community started asking me for help in getting similar results. Out of that journey grew - 

Keyword Your Way to Traffic



Wife of 1, Mom of 4, Grandma of 10, loves textile arts, and UCLA Bruins
I am first and foremost a wife of 32 years, the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 7 very active boys and 1 beautiful girl.
I love learning and I absolutely cannot sit still without some sort of needlework in my hands.
I love textile arts. Tatting, embroidery, cross stitch, tailoring, knitting, crochet, I haven’t yet found a needlecraft that I don’t fall in love with. And yet, in quilting, it is possible to utilize any and all of the other techniques. The possibilities in incorporating any, all or none of the extra disciplines only serves to broaden the world of the quilter.