Keywords in Elevator Speeches

In learning about clarity and the ability to express exactly what I do, I was told to develop an elevator speech.  This is an explanation of what I do that can take place in the time we spend going up (or down) in an elevator, 30 seconds or less.  The best example I ever heard was the description of an iPod when they first came out.  It was – 1000 songs in your pocket.

Exact, precise, concise, perfect description of what an iPod was and could do.

I don’t know how many of you can describe your business or product in 5 words or less, but work on it.  I am sure that Apple took some time coming up with their 1000 songs line.  Refine and refine and refine and be sure to use words that your audience can understand.  Apple did that wonderfully.

Search Engines and Their Customers

Search Engines Only Want to Please Their Customers, but, who are their customers?

Businesses generally try to take care of their customers. In the case of search engines, who qualifies as customers is a little odd. It is not the people paying upwards of 7 figures to the search engines for ad space, it is the searchers.

So this is the only situation I can think of where the folks paying are not the customers, the folks getting the services for free are. OK, search engines and maybe the government.